Banarasi Weaves


Navy blue Banarasi dupatta with figures in grid pattern (10002011530050BV256)

About Navy Blue Banarasi dupatta

- Mesh brocade work is the favourite of ladies these days, it easily provides the sophisticated yet graceful look you always wanted to own with the evergreen elegance of silk.

- The center of this dupatta is adorned in a unique grid pattern, in which each cubic center has a patterned motif decked on it.

- The border on a bright coloured base complements well with the golden threaded brocade work in a floral patterned design. 

- The aanchal is woven in golden threads to highlight the grid pattern in the center.

- Jacquard weaving technique is used to carve this piece.

- Neatly knotted tassles are enhancing the edges.

- Art silk yarns are used in warp as well as weft along with gold zari to obtain this dupatta.

- The dimension of this dupatta measures around 94 cms in width and around 246 cms in length.

- Weight of the dupatta is around 258 grams.

- Fit best to carry at parties or festivals.- Dry wash is recommended to clean the dupatta.


- Orders are generally dispatched within 24 hours of confirmation but sometimes may take upto 3 days.

- It may take 2-7 working days for delivery of this banarasi dupatta, depending upon your location.