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Raspberry Art Silk Banarasi dupatta with stylized flower boota in diamond shape (1001035092282PK185)

About Raspberry Art Silk Banarasi Dupatta

- A sophisticated piece of raspberry color art silk Banarasi dupatta.

- It has stylised flower boota in diamond shape, along with stylised leaf motifs and mini flower booti in grid jaal woven neatly all over the center part in golden zari to adored the grace of this dupatta.

- Plain diagonal stripes,are woven in fine golden zari on a purple base on the border part,as well as anchal part has also plain diagonal stripes woven in golden zari.

- Neatly knotted tassels are embellishing the shorter edges.

- Jaqurad weaving technique is used to carve this piece.

- Art silk yarns are used in warp as well as weft along with golden zari to obtain this dupatta.

- The dimension of this dupatta measures around 94 cms in width and around 256cms in length.

- Weight of the dupatta is around 304 grams.

- Fit best to carry at parties or festivals.

- Dry wash is recommended to clean the dupatta.


- Orders are generally dispatched within 24 hours of confirmation.

- It may take 2-7 working days for delivery of this banarasi dupatta,depending upon your location.