Supernet fabric

May 27, 2017

Supernet fabric

Supernet fabric is a type of fabric that has an open mesh form construction that is held together by joint thermoplastic yarns or knots wherever the yarn crosses each other in the weft and warp. The mesh included on the fabric can either be octagonal, square or hexagonal. The range of the sizes of the mesh can be large or small depending on how the fabric was produced. Supernet fabrics are delicate and fragile and require special care when handling them. When Supernet fabrics tear, they cannot be repaired easily because the repair would become apparent and in many cases, it is often unsightly. Depending on the quality of the yarn or filament that is used to make the fabric; Supernet fabrics can be expensive or cheap.

In the early days, Supernet fabrics were created by hand, where weavers would hand knot the yarns at each point of the intersection to create a particular geometric pattern.  After the advent of textile machines, the production of Supernet fabric by hand reduced significantly.  Some modern versions of Supernet fabric are interlooped instead of being knotted. These varieties are not as durable as the knotted kind and are used mainly to create apparel and window hangings. 

Types of nets


This is a hexagonal mesh that often has a transparent appearance that makes it ideal for creating bridal dresses. The transparency of the fabric depends largely on the yarn count and the quality of the filaments that are used to make it.


Tulle is stiff hexagonal shaped netting that is created from nylon filaments or silk yarns. It is similar to bobbinet in appearance however it tends to be lightweight and more transparent. It can be difficult to differentiate between tulle and bobbinet unless it is specified on the label.


Fishnet fabric is open meshed and coarse. The netting on this type of fabric is created by knotting the mesh in the same way as a fisherman knot.

Filet net

This type of net fabric is created with a square or maline net. The end product is a very thin transparent fabric that has open diamond shaped spaces. 

Uses of the Supernet fabric

In India, the use of net garments can be traced as far back as the pre-Mughal era for the creation of sarees. It is used to create a certain section of the saree such as the dupatta of a salwar kameez or the pallu. In many cases, it used as a layer over another fabric to give an enhanced overall look.