Jacquard weaves

May 20, 2017

Jacquard weaves

Jacquard weaves are created on a unique type of loom and they have a very complex design that is woven-in. What makes it special is the fact that you will have tapestry effects and large design repeats. These are created in order to offer a very high quality and a stellar attention to detail at all times. With help from the Jacquard weaves you will be able to create a variety of fabrics. These include brocatelle as well as damask and brocade.

With their help you can obtain an incredible value and a stellar set of results as these fabrics are distinct and focused to impress at all times.

The Jacquard weaves aren’t special looms instead any loom that can be transformed. It all comes down to adding the mechanism that was created by Joseph Marie Jacquard. This shedding add-on offers the automatic pattern weaving production. 

The fact that this is not distinct to a specific type of loom is very important and that does manage to bring in front a very good value at all times. With its help you can work on machine knitted and patterned knitwear textiles.

The Jacquard weaves are great for figured designs. Up until a point in recent history, this type of job was done by the drawloom. Unfortunately, this type of loom wasn’t that efficient to begin with and that on its own managed to bring in front an incredible value. However, the Jacquard weaves evolved from the draw looms that added a perforated band of paper that allowed the loom to create patterns based on where the roll was punched by hand.

Even if it’s quite hard to figure out what portion of the mechanism was created by Jacquard, the invention does have his name because he is the one that managed to put everything together and offered the best solution for this type of weaving.

What makes the Jacquard weaves special is the fact that the figuring is done with every shot. This reduces the work time and it makes the experience a lot easier as a result. 

You can find both mechanized and manual Jacquard weaves, each one having its own set of features. The best thing about Jacquard weaves is that these are designed to work with just about all types of fibers, this is why you can find many types of clothing being done with these weaves in the first place.

In the end, the Jacquard weaves are designed to offer some of the most interesting patterns in the world of clothing and carpets as well. Even if Jacquard weaves is not a new invention, it remains pretty much the same as it was until recently and it does manage to bring in front a very good set of results for people that want a reliable weaving method!