Georgette Fabric

May 20, 2017

Georgette fabric

Georgette is one of the lightest fabrics available in the market. It is very similar to crepe and chiffon in texture and movement because it is flowy and easy to drape.  Traditionally, georgette was created from silk but today, it is also produced from polyester and other synthetic fibers.  These artificial varieties of the georgette fabric are also commonly known as faux georgette. The thing that sets georgette fabric apart from other fabrics is its distinctive crepe-like appearance and crinkly texture, which is slightly rough to the touch.

The characteristics of georgette fabric

The grainy and rough surface is as a result of the high twist per inch of the threads that have been warped and weft. Since it has many twists, this fabric has a natural bounce to it that makes any item of clothing made from it bouncy and airy. Perfect for lightweight blouses, fanciful sarees, and soft scarves, georgette fabric has a personality of its own that cannot be found in other fabrics.
Owing to its floaty nature, this fabric is perfect for creating layers as it creates a soft silhouette when draped over another material. Georgette is particularly useful in Indian fashion for making sarees because it is available in different colors, patterns, and motifs. Numerous designers and fashion enthusiasts prefer this fabric because it can be easily manipulated to suit a variety of styles and different designs.
The best feature of georgette as a fabric is that it is extremely playful, which makes it easy to experiment with during style trials.  Most versions of it are made from a combination of nylon and polyester, which are quite easy to maintain. Georgette can also be dyed easily because it has a high rate of absorbency, which means that it is available in a wide selection of patterns. Prints of all nature including Dabu and Batik appear beautifully on the transparent fabric.
 Poly Georgette, as it is sometimes referred, was named after a renowned French designer by the same name.  Due to its grainy and thick texture, in comparison to chiffon, georgette is a more popular choice among designers because it can be embroidered easily.

Taking care of the fabric

Although georgette fabric is characteristically sturdier and easier to handle than chiffon, it still requires a gentle approach when it comes to cleaning it.  As such, it should only be hand washed with a light detergent.  Georgette fabric should be air dried as exposure to direct sunlight can compromise the integrity of the fabric.