Chiffon silk fabric

May 20, 2017

Chiffon Silk fabric

Ask anyone and they will tell you; chiffon silk fabric is one of the most widely used fabrics in the fashion world. Literally translated in French, Chiffon means rag, which is a definition that does not match the fabric at all. Quite contrary to the French translation, Chiffon is an elegant but sheer fabric that is limp, easy to handle and has a magnificent drape.  It is created from silk, polyester, nylon, cotton or rayon. Basically, it is a light unadorned woven sheer fabric that is used for a wide array of purposes.
A super light and gossamer fabric, chiffon is created with loose, plain weave and single crepe yarns that are twisted tightly in an S or Z twist. As a result of the S and Z twisting motions, chiffon fabric tends to wrinkle in each direction after weaving.  The twists also give the fabric a mesh-like appearance that makes it very difficult to manipulate or work with. Sometimes chiffon is also called crepe chiffon. It is popularly used for special occasion dresses, linings, and gowns.
Working with chiffon
Chiffon fabric is very easy to dye, although chiffon that is made out of polyester can be quite challenging to dye and color. Since chiffon has natural tendency to wrinkle easily, it is one of the most difficult fabrics to work with.  As such, you will need to be a trained professional to effectively handle the fabric and cut it.
Tips for taking care of chiffon fabric
Do not soak your chiffon items in water for a long time as it could damage the fibers.
Because chiffon is extremely light, you should not machine wash it as it will definitely interfere with the fibers.
Contrary to popular belief, chiffon does and will transfer color depending on where it was produced. As such, you should always wash your colors separately for the first time to avoid color transfer and unnecessary staining.
When cleaning chiffon, never use hot water as it will cause the fabric to shrink and lose shape. When done continuously, the fabric itself will start to thread and fall apart slowly.
You should only use mild detergents when cleaning chiffon fabric as it can cause the fabric to weaken.
When hanging chiffon it goes without saying that you should handle the fabric with care due to its lightweight nature. Keep it away from any metal or sharp objects.
Try not to spray perfume directly on the fabric as it could contain harsh chemicals that will ruin the chiffon.