Chanderi Fabric

May 27, 2017

Chanderi fabric 

Chanderi fabric is one of the most popular handloom clusters. It is a traditional fabric characterized by its lightweight texture and sheer look that makes it appear luxurious. Chanderi fabric is created when silk and golden zari are woven onto traditional cotton yarn, which produces a shimmering and gleaming appearance. Chanderi fabric is also transparent owing to the use of single filature quality of yarn.

Typically, Chanderi fabric is created in Chanderi town, where the fabric is handspun using cotton wefts and warps.  In the olden days, the fabric was spun using fine yarn, which explains why it was so delicate. The quality, colors, motifs and patterns that were used would cater to the elite families and rulers. After the Industrial Revolution, the textile began to fade in quality after Chanderi weavers started using Japanese silk as a substitute for cotton sarees. As such, today, the type of sarees available that are made from Chanderi fabric are of the synthetic silk to silk variety, which is quite cheaper and less superior in quality than the original cotton to cotton or cotton to silk Chanderi saree. 

Chanderi sarees

Chanderi Sarees are very popular among saree consumers. This type of saree is woven out of silk and cotton although sometimes it is made entirely out of silk. The motifs or Buttis on Chanderi fabric are hand-woven on the loom. Today, most of the threads that are used to make the motifs can be copper, silver, or gold coated and made from tested zari, which is mainly synthetic yarn.  The motifs on the fabric are made by small or big needles depending on the specifications of the butti. There are three main categories of Chanderi sarees mainly cotton, silk and cotton silk.  

Traditionally, Chanderi sarees were made using both cotton and silk in an intricate weaving process to produce a light, transparent and beautiful fabric. The cotton and silk saree was and is still more popular because it is affordable and durable. On the other hand, pure Chanderi silk sarees have a gorgeous texture and appearance and are more opulent. 

Chanderi cotton sarees are inexpensive, comfortable and have an airy appearance. Pure Chanderi silk and cotton sarees are created from fabric that is handspun before gold threads are used in the weaving process. The gold threads are what make the saree more expensive or affordable.  All silk Chanderi sarees should have a GI indication that process that it is genuinely from the Chanderi region