Art Silk Fabric

May 20, 2017

Art Silk Fabric

Art silk stands for artificial silk, which is a synthetic fiber created from Rayon. Art silk resembles real silk in every way, however, it costs less both to manufacture and produce it. Women looking to purchase affordable sarees often turn to art silk as an affordable alternative.  Art silk is made from a specified blend of natural elements and undergoes various chemical treatments to ensure that it resembles silk in appearance.  
It took a long time for chemists to figure out a formula that would allow them to produce a fabric that was parallel to natural silk in every way. However, because of recent modern technological advancements, upgrades in the machinery and processes paved the way for the creation of art silk.  As such, with the advent of art silk, silk is not just reserved for the high and mighty anymore. Even the common man can now enjoy a finely draped art silk piece.

Production processes

Most artificial silk is created from wood pulp that is made from spruce trees or any variety of wood.  The pulp is then treated to several chemical processes and the end solution is spun into the gorgeous gleaming yarn that you love today. Since the production process is scientific, many women prefer art silk because of its sheen and gloss of which outrivals the most expensive cocoon silk.  A Frenchman by the name of Hilaire de Chardonnet was the first to create wood silk on a commercial level. He utilized a mixture of nitrocellulose in which sulphuric ether was the solvent; most commercial art silk manufacturers today still use this solution in their production process.
It’s appeal today
Today, art silk is a popular fabric because it has similar characteristics to natural silk; it is also easily accessible and is inexpensive.  Art silk can be used for a wide range of tasks including serving as textiles for making attire and fashion, as well as for the production of everyday items such as umbrellas and parachutes and much more.  

Reasons why you should consider art silk

Art silk is as light and as comfortable to adorn as pure silk because it is airy and light.
Since art silk costs much less to manufacture than natural silk, it is available for a very low price.
Art silk is as soft as other natural fibers such as cotton. It is also just as rich as natural silk and is as breathable as a fabric can be.
Art silk attires and sarees are trendy because the fabric gives you more variety in terms of colors, patterns, and designs.